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Not sure how many are following this guy's channel, but he's been tinkering for a while with 3800's in a couple configurations on his "The Other Guys" and "Big Bang" series.

First, testing out a Series 2 with Gen3 M90 and Kenne Bell...

Then a Series 3 with Gen 5 M90 and turbo on gas, E85, and 110 (he says compound, but known as "twincharged" in our circles). He notes that a turbo-only setup to remove restriction and losses, as he's seen on other engines like LS's, but that it's certainly fun to try (and for us to watch)...

He's also discussed the results in recent "Let's Talk Turbo's" Q&A sessions. He isn't using as many supporting items as we do, but it's a good reference for some of the common changes.

Richard's energy and delivery gets a little corny and annoying after a while, so maybe watch them spaced over a couple days... but he does solid work and shows very raw data on the results.

Also compares to a 4200, which some are trying to start modifying as a budget Inline-6 engine...

  • an intake, tune, and 3" downpipe with catback should be your first mods, because he instantly beats stock numbers by 50hp due to that, even before a pulley
  • too much pulley starts dying off on a stock engine below a 3.4, which matches what most here do
  • the 95-98 TB is a restriction, so always try using a 99+ on a Series 2 (both are 68-69mm, but MAF change was big)
  • moderately ported heads don't do much for minimal modifications
  • he ran a terrible single-pass IC core, and got no benefit staying 3.4, dropping pulley is typical for us (I could dig thru archives to see which, maybe MAP)
  • the Kenne Bell did great, obviously, although the stock engine chokes past 5500... we've seen that work great on the Intense & Thrasher Bonneville's 15-20+yrs ago
  • 3800's really need a cam upgrade to get an improvement overall
  • E85 outperforms pump gas, and even 110 race gas on M90 setups, since it acts as a chemical intercooler (he hasn't tested the good ZZP-style core M90 intercoolers)

Thoughts? I'm hoping he continues this series and does a blocked M90 (or N/A intake) turbo, adds a cam/heads, and maybe runs it thru the headers. We'll see.

- Dave
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