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Yaaay! L67 Fiero finally getting somewhere

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1985 Fiero SE 4 speed 3800 SC

1999 P04 PCM from a Grand Prix
Donor car is 1997 Buick Riviera which is the 1st year of Series 2.

Running LS valve springs, 1.95 rockers, FS Intercooler, 3.2 pulley. LQ4 MAF & N* throttle body and 4” air intake.

Just changed my fuel pump to 340 LPH and Deka 60 injectors. For the first time ever with the remove and clean of the gas tank, fuel gauge reads better and fuel consumption is way down.

New tune I installed (copied some time back off the web by me or my son) has it running much better.

Spark retard shows as pictured, idle is way to high, I use to have it at 800-900 now it’s 1200 rpm plus. So aim fix and lower the idle.

What about mph never showing higher than about 12 mph?
O2 Map is all over the place?

Car is running better than ever but still has some glitches.

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You may have a vac leak causing some headaches for the sensors. Hard to tell without the full log, but it's usually a good guess with the general issues. Don't want to get too aggressive on the pedal of a boosted car until it's running clean.

The Vehicle Speed Sensor may not be setup properly for the tire size, gear ratio, tooth count combination, or has a bad wire in the mix.
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