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Where does this clip go on a 98 Regal?

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I just removed the gauge cluster to replace those resistors that always fail and a metal clip fell out. Does anyone know where this thing goes?

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It slips over a plastic tab (there are usually a handful on each trim panel), and it provides the solid click to secure that portion of the trim in place.
Thanks Dave. I found where it goes. It helps hold the instrument cluster cover in place. There's two of them below where the dash curves upwards. I was stressing over that clip. I figured I'd put everything back together and have some annoying rattle or something.

Any idea what the heck this box is sitting behind the cluster? It has this brown thing coming off it which is just laying there loose. Sort of reminds me of those flat cables they use in computers. Maybe it's supposed to be taped down to something? Hard to tell. Guess it's best to just leave it as is. Just really curious as to what it possibly could be.

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