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Whats Up? im known as l3d0hna3d on this forum and Clubgp

and Deanh8 on all other boards.

Im 15 Years Old, 10th Grade In High School

My grandpa has a 1999 Buick Regal GSE. Originally, the '99 Regal GSE was going to be my project car where he teaches me how to work/mod/fix cars, and we has a 1997 Regal GS for your everyday car. but he sold the white car becuase he got laid off at the time and now the '99 GSE is our dailydriver/project car. And since he has a job again we begun the mods. :D

And since my grandpa isnt computer friendly i do the "research" end of the project, and help select mod choices, and do the mod ordering.

our goal is to have a low 12sec high 11sec daily driver, and hope to make this happen with a whipple 2300ax sometime in the near future.

heres a picture of our car:
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