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What will a PCM do for me?

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I have a 97 Regal with the usual suspects, 3.4, cat back, CAI, Autolite 104's, u-bend delete. I don't have a scanner and don't plan on buying one. I also don't drive the car hard(my wife is the primary driver), we live over 4000' in altitude and I run premium fuel. Is an aftermarket PCM in the future for me and if so, what will it do for me?
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It depends on what you and your wife are looking to get out of the car, and how far is far enough for you. On the one hand you have some performance mods so it sounds like you appreciate a car with more power, but I also get the impression from your stating that you don't drive the car hard that maybe you don't want to go any further. If you're happy with it, leave it alone. You know the old saying about if it's not broken, don't fix it.

If you want to do something then I'd suggest the most basic PCM from your favorite vendor. It will give you better feel/drivability and crisper shifting.

'Preciate the quick reply. I have been thinking about an aftermarket PCM, actually the Intense basic PCM, but not sure if the added timing and harder shifting will help me?! I like the idea of the skip shift, but don't want to break my engine either.
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I noticed you said that you were worried about your engine. I have almost 85 k on my engine with 3.4 mps, thrasher cai, 104 plugs, 180 stat, Intense Standard PCM, random tech 3'' downpipe. I havent seen any problems so far out of the engine. It runs awesome, so much different with the Intense PCM installed. Breaks tires loose at WOT in second. For the price you cant beat it. Trust me you will love it, then you can say.. damn i almost didnt buy that!!
Hope it Helps your decision,
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