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What Transmission for 500-600whp Turbo L67

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Im building an L67 3800 over the next few years until my LN3 3800 in my Reatta craps out on me. I have looked and it seems everyone just says its a lot of money and that power is unreasonable on a budget. but I'm not, I have plenty of time until my current engine blows. I was thinking a 4t65e-HD from triple edge performance but the best one they sell is for like 325whp. I researched a bit and you can mount any transmission to any engine with a custom mount in between. would there be a better transmission option if I make my own mount? or is there a different trans that bolts up and is able to be built for 600whp?
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The reason they don't spec 4t65e's for more power anymore is because the parts we used to build them up with are no longer on the market. I have at least 3 major components in my transmission that are not replaceable, and I didn't even get them all.

Another big reason is because the demand no longer supports the market to supply parts that cost companies a ton to develop/maintain. Out of the hundreds/thousands of folks that muse about building up a "big power 3800" each year online, maybe 5-10 actually go thru the process of not only buying all the necessary parts, but also getting it running and dialed in to perform at a level that would need $3k+ invested in the transmission.

A 4t80e conversion is an option that a few have done, but you'll need to talk with those who were successful (turbocharged400sbc - James - can talk your ear off about it). You can see some details in LS4king's youtube videos on the swap in those cars, but he's mostly backed out of the market for personal reasons.

For FWD transmissions, there's limited options. Honda boiz spend thousands on billet cases to try holding big power, and aside from the GM Racing 4t65e we got a few parts from in ~2006, nobody cared to push upgrades for an automatic FWD... The solution to going fast reliably is always cubic dollars in the car world.
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