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After finding a few surprise options on the market, and watching some ZZP promotional videos recently, I thought it would be good to share what's come across the radar (with some initial thoughts/comments). If you've seen anything else 3800-specific out there in recent years, please add it in. I know guys like LS4king and Milzy have done some various items, but I'm more focused on things being offered on a scale large enough to support a decent demand of our market, if it's made known.

I may create a video on this stuff, to make a few more folks aware of these items, in hopes of encouraging these companies by throwing them business to support their efforts. Feel free to share ideas for that, too.

Supercharger intercooler cores
There's been many designs over the years, and used options pop up for sale once in a while: ZZP (various), Thrasher, PRJ, WBS, MAP, MACE Air-Air (ugh) and a few custom jobs, including for MP112/TVS/Whipple/KB adapting. The best performing ones were always those which have quality dense-finned cores sealed under the SC and permit enough flow through a ~3/4" hose to maintain efficient cooling during an entire boosted run.

ZZP Stage 2.5
(looks like a great update to the only new IC still available)

ZZP Short Stack (SS) IC update - 2.5-style design updates
(improved, but I still don't see it being worth 75-90% of IC install work/parts to get ~40-50% of the full-size performance gain)

Fuel rails
ZZP and Aeromotive have been on the market for a while, with ZZP's including required lines/fittings/regulator mount, while Aeromotive is just the logs (sold many places, Jegs, Summit, Amzn, etc.). Used versions of previous ZZP designs and PRJ rails sometimes pop up for sale in classifieds/marketplace.

Nuke Performance - $308 (found via Google recently... various sellers)
Nice features usually only found on custom rails, -8 on ends, -6 under center, no regulator/lines included
Eye Office supplies Writing implement Font Tints and shades

(Sweden-based supplier)
Aftermarket high flow motorsports fuel rail for the GM V6 3800 Series II (L36 Series II)
(primary US-based distributor)
Nuke Performance GM 6cyl 3800 Series II (L36 Series II) Fuel Rail (100-07-205) | Torqued

Coilover Suspension
There's been a few options out there, originally being custom conversions to struts by adding coilover components as an upgrade (Intense-Racing still lists a version), before BC Racing released an option a few years back at ~$1,000-1,300 range from various sellers.
04-08 Pontiac Grand Prix
Font Magenta Electric blue Brand Darkness

INTENSE Racing: INTENSE Coilover Pair for 97-03 W-Body
Household hardware Font Metal Auto part Rim

ZZP Coilovers - $999.99
Viable alternative to BC's, and installed pretty easily while working fine for a year or so since debut (made an install video and drove mountain rally in 2021). Build quality & materials appear to be outsourced, sadly, matching other imported products found on Amazon, etc., which may show through as they get more miles across more cars.

Rev9 Coilovers - $532.00 (found via Google recently... on eBay and various vendors)
Similar looking quality to ZZP or BC, but haven't heard of anyone trying them. If someone takes the plunge, please share results in Suspension Forum.
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