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Voltage ? on TPS

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:confused: I'm some what new to this, I have read that the voltage at the TPS is very important. Mine is .46 at 0% and 4.1 at WOT is this ok or is it wrong? My mods are as follows: 2.5" down pipe, cat U bend and res removed, 3.20 pully, DHP PCM, and a K&N CAI. My KR is around 1-1.2 the last time it was autotaped with 21*of timing. I've heared that at WOT I should be at like 4.5-4.7 volts is that right and if so how do I fix this? :confused:
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If your PCM is seeing the 4.1Volts as 100% throttle and not like 97% or something, then it's fine in my opinion. Scan it with % and see what you come up with.
yes sorry I forgot to put that in there it is at 100% WOT. FYI I got all these #s from a TECH 2 scanner. .46 at 0% and 4.1 at 100 % WOT. These #s are with the car off but key on if that matters.

those #s sound right to me. i think if it reads 4+v at 1--% throttle, its ok. with no throttle depression, i think youre ok also. does the car act ok? or are you just asking so you know the answer? i think youre good if the car is acting normal
Yes the car runs fine I was just wondering as I have heard others talking about theirs being around 4.5 - 4.7 just wondering if that was any better or not.
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