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I'll be getting ridd of my T3 Turbo this November, it has a fresh cartridge and a brand new internal Wastegate . Too Replace what I have would be around $600 and up depending on where you go. I want to get at LEAST $400 for it.

It will ALSO come as an added bonus with a T4 Cold side in case you would like to switch and make it a Hybrid. This alone is worth over $100 on e-bay.

It AR values are as follows

Cold side .61
Hot side .63

Internally Wastegated with a Factory Garret Wastegate

Inlet on the T3 Cold side is 2"
Inlet on the T4 Cold side is 3"

Out lets on both cold sides are the standard 2 inch.

Hot side is a Grand National one from an 84, it has the 45* bend on it thus making for easy installation.
It is a 3 bolt flange aswell.

I've run this Turbo at 13psi and produced over 380 WHP!!!!!

Serious people please contact me VIA E-MAIL [email protected]

I'll be taking it out of the car sometime in November.
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