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In my mutant Corvair project, I'm running the transaxle and brain from a 98 Regal GS, with minor tweaks by Intense to turn off the second O2 sensor and disable VATS.
In Drive, it shifts fine. I could wish for an earlier 2-3 shift, but that's not a biggie. The minimum speed for 2-3 is 40-42 mph.
But with the shifter in 3, it will never shift into 3rd. 1, 2, .... I have to select drive to get 3rd. Of course, it then shifts to 4th at the proper time.
Slowing down, select 3, get 3rd. Select 2, get 2nd.
Doesn't seem like I can force 1st when slowing down, don't know if that is normal or not.
This is an old used trans, from a running but thrashed car. I did perform a fluid and filter change while doing the conversion, and did not see any obvious signs of failure.
So- any thoughts on what's normal and what might be wrong?
I don't really feel like overhauling it, though I do have a parts trans from a crashed 02 Bonneville for someday.
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