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"In an effort to develop the most innovative and effective mods for our cars, INTENSE Enterprises, Inc. has a team of several daily driven street cars. Here are some of the members of our team." - www.intense-racing.com
Ed: 2000 Bonneville SSEi with INTENSE™ 9.5:1 compression ratio Race-ready Short-block, Blowzilla supercharger with Lee Performance intercooler, INTENSE™ Stage 3 Cylinder Heads, INTENSE™ Stage 4 blower cam, CompCams lifters, INTENSE™ lightweight pushrods, INTENSE™ 1.70:1 full roller rocker arms, INTENSE™/TOG Big Dog Headers ATI SFI-approved damper, INTENSE™ transaxle with 3.69:1 final drive, INTENSE™ TCC-400 torque converter, INTENSE™ Second Gen LSD, INTENSE™ race front brake kit, and INTENSE™ Stage 3 PCM.

no to mention the 10 sec. turbo car.!!!
Not starting any problems, just wondering how Ohio's finest feel seeing a luxurey car cruising down the residential areas sounding louder than a cummns turbo diesel?

you guys are great....keep making them fast.
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