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Things I learned....

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If you have your heads milled for true (flat) or milled to raise compression, make sure the surface milled on the heads is correct for the type of gasket you intend on using.

For example:
If using MLS Gaskets, you will want a finer (smooth) finish on the heads/block.
If using stock style gaskets, you would benefit from a finish that is a little more course.
Maybe someone can chime in with exactly what the recommended finish is supposed to be (i forget the name of measurement they use).

When using ARP Studs and MLS Gaskets.
I found out since I did not use Hylomar or any type of copper spray and with ARP studs, that I developed a coolant leak out of my heads. I needed then to retorque my head studs to 75 ft/lbs 3 times around and have been fine since. By using PTFE sealent on my studs, I knew it was not coming from around the bolts.

Now maybe some other people can chime in with bits of information they have learned?
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