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I guess If I want 3800pro to make a comeback, I'll have to make some posts. Besides, it's hard to get help when nobody knows about your car! I've been building mine for a few years now with a lot of trial and error, so it might take a while to list everything I have going on. Here goes nothing.

I bought this car of my buddy's dad in early 2018. He bought it brand new, and I remember thinking in 3rd grade that it was so rolling around in a brand new black Camaro with a stick. lol Memories like that are always a motivator to keep working on it.

It was far from cool by the time I got my hands on it though. If it wasn't a factory black with stick shift and 0 options car, I probably would have passed. What I really wanted was a Grand National roller to swap a 3800 and a stick into and make it turn corners. A horribly rusty 4th gen with a lot of sentimental value and the V6/stick already in it was the best I could do. I don't regret it. It's a cheaper chassis to modify, and it's nice to mix things up a bit. The whole reason for wanting another project in the first place was that I already had a nice stockish GN that I was too scared to drive regularly. Door dings, racking up miles, and breaking parts while racing was not something I wanted to do to a car that was getting so expensive. I actually don't even particularly like F-bodies so blowing one up or getting a scratch will not hurt my feelings one bit. This is my alternate commuter car.

Anyway, here's what I've done.
-Ebay 6765 turbo. It's a bit large, and the lag shows it.
-Stock driver side manifold, modified crossover, modified front log from a FWD, and custom merge.
-Ebay front mount intercooler mounted to a Midwest Chassis bumper support.
-Precision PW40 wastegate and Turbonetics MBC
-LS6 valve springs with modified retainers
-AEM 50-1200 fuel pump, custom hotwire, and hinged trap door
-Siemens Deka 80# injectors
-Custom upright radiator supports
-Custom PVC coolant recovery bottle 馃槄
-DIY battery relocation with BMR tray
-Modified Hawks Sinister 4" single shot exhaust with Magnaflow muffler
-Custom serpentine belt routing (deleted AC with no goofy belt sizes or extra pullies)
-Custom AC delete firewall plate, heater fittings, and HVAC box (heat still works)
-Evap. and EGR deleted (not recommended but I wanted the space they took up)
-Threaded IAT where the EGR used to exit
-PCV passages blocked
-Moroso catch can and -12AN bung on valve cover
-Crank drilled for Nissan SR20 flywheel bolts. (I got tired of buying TTY flywheel bolts)
-Spec "Stage 4" solid hubbed 6-puck clutch
-Tremec TKX
-3rd gen V6 F-body bellhousing
-Tilton adjustable HTOB
-Tilton/Tick adjustable clutch master cylinder
-Custom shifter
-Locally made 3" steel driveshaft with 1350 ears
-UMI panhard and torque arms
-BMR strut tower bar
-ST front sway bar
-ABS delete with line lock
-Stock 3.23:1 open rear end
-Ortiz custom gauge pod with scan gauge, AEM wideband, and AEM Tru Boost
-Tuned by Dyno Brian at Dyno Tune Motorsports. (y)

The car made 330hp and 400ft/lbs with 10psi. I was ready for much more, but the stock valve springs were not. Once I get all the bugs sorted out of this thing, I plan to install a bunch of parts I have in my basement.
-ST5 cam
-L67 head gaskets
-ZZP head studs
-ZZP lifters
-PAC 150# springs
-Double roller timing set
-Machined oil pump cover
-Spohn tubular k-member
-N2MB wot box

For now, the car is a riot to drive. I've learned a ton with this thing, and look forward to showing off at a few events this year.

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I don't miss these days.
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I remember you posting this a little while back. Very cool build and different from the typical f-body ls builds you typically see
Thanks! Yeah, I think I posted an introduction a while back now that I think about it. My bad. I just hope keeping an updated log in here will get more people telling me how I can make it better. lol I don't know everything!

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I'd love to go, but I have a wedding in Milwaukee that weekend. It's always something. If ZZP does another 3800 dyno day soon I'd be all over that!

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I've made some changes since the last post. I tried realigning the bellhousing for smoother shifts. I didn't really get it though. I'm convinced that concentric within .005" on a stock aluminum bellhousing is unobtainable. There's too much slop in other parts and the bell itself is probably getting twisted a bit with the torque. It was originally made for a gutless 2.8L afterall. I would feel a lot safer with a steel bell, but I don't have the money to have a custom one made for me. I'm going to drop this until I start making real power.
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While I was in there, I tried fixing some stuff that was bothering me. The TKX didn't fit my original floor hole or boot, so I was scumming it with this... thing.
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I tried covering it with a Freightliner boot which would have been perfect if I didn't have a bunch of wire harnesses nearby or a console.
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So I had to make my own. I like using CAD when possible.
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Don't worry, I bought my wife a prettier welcome mat before removing this one from the kitchen.
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Now I'm scumming it with welcome mat technology. 馃槀 It works surprisingly well. The cabin is quieter, the hole is covered and the shifter still moves fine.
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Before putting the console back in, I had to repair the seam that popped loose. I have a soldering iron that I use for plastic welding and a bag full of cut hog rings that I embed for added strength. "This ain't goin' nowhere."
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And once it's installed you can't see the blob. lol
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I tried ordering a console lid to arrive before the GS Nationals, but no dice. It's going to arrive about when I get home. It's going to be a long drive there and back with my arm resting on the corner by the cup holder. lol At least it shifts a lot nicer! Even though the bell is out of whack, I found that I can only open my speed bleeder about a 1/4 turn without sucking in air. Pumping too fast also brings in air. Needless to say, the pedal feels great now that I know how to bleed it.
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Per the advice of some smarter folks, I dropped the snorkel. I kinda liked the look because it sorta matches the GN. However, I realized that it was an awful inlet restriction. Now that it's gone, the boost comes on a lot quicker, and the sound is amazing! I think the turbo location looks a bit silly now, but I'll live with it for as long as this turbo survives.
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Now that the car feels mechanically ready to go, I just need to spruce it up and pack my things! I've never spent as much time of the paint as I did yesterday. It turns out that you CAN polish a turd.
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Nats is going to be wild!
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