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The GN I can't can't afford to build - Turbo V6 manual F-body

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I guess If I want 3800pro to make a comeback, I'll have to make some posts. Besides, it's hard to get help when nobody knows about your car! I've been building mine for a few years now with a lot of trial and error, so it might take a while to list everything I have going on. Here goes nothing.

I bought this car of my buddy's dad in early 2018. He bought it brand new, and I remember thinking in 3rd grade that it was so rolling around in a brand new black Camaro with a stick. lol Memories like that are always a motivator to keep working on it.

It was far from cool by the time I got my hands on it though. If it wasn't a factory black with stick shift and 0 options car, I probably would have passed. What I really wanted was a Grand National roller to swap a 3800 and a stick into and make it turn corners. A horribly rusty 4th gen with a lot of sentimental value and the V6/stick already in it was the best I could do. I don't regret it. It's a cheaper chassis to modify, and it's nice to mix things up a bit. The whole reason for wanting another project in the first place was that I already had a nice stockish GN that I was too scared to drive regularly. Door dings, racking up miles, and breaking parts while racing was not something I wanted to do to a car that was getting so expensive. I actually don't even particularly like F-bodies so blowing one up or getting a scratch will not hurt my feelings one bit. This is my alternate commuter car.

Anyway, here's what I've done.
-Ebay 6765 turbo. It's a bit large, and the lag shows it.
-Stock driver side manifold, modified crossover, modified front log from a FWD, and custom merge.
-Ebay front mount intercooler mounted to a Midwest Chassis bumper support.
-Precision PW40 wastegate and Turbonetics MBC
-LS6 valve springs with modified retainers
-AEM 50-1200 fuel pump, custom hotwire, and hinged trap door
-Siemens Deka 80# injectors
-Custom upright radiator supports
-Custom PVC coolant recovery bottle 馃槄
-DIY battery relocation with BMR tray
-Modified Hawks Sinister 4" single shot exhaust with Magnaflow muffler
-Custom serpentine belt routing (deleted AC with no goofy belt sizes or extra pullies)
-Custom AC delete firewall plate, heater fittings, and HVAC box (heat still works)
-Evap. and EGR deleted (not recommended but I wanted the space they took up)
-Threaded IAT where the EGR used to exit
-PCV passages blocked
-Moroso catch can and -12AN bung on valve cover
-Crank drilled for Nissan SR20 flywheel bolts. (I got tired of buying TTY flywheel bolts)
-Spec "Stage 4" solid hubbed 6-puck clutch
-Tremec TKX
-3rd gen V6 F-body bellhousing
-Tilton adjustable HTOB
-Tilton/Tick adjustable clutch master cylinder
-Custom shifter
-Locally made 3" steel driveshaft with 1350 ears
-UMI panhard and torque arms
-BMR strut tower bar
-ST front sway bar
-ABS delete with line lock
-Stock 3.23:1 open rear end
-Ortiz custom gauge pod with scan gauge, AEM wideband, and AEM Tru Boost
-Tuned by Dyno Brian at Dyno Tune Motorsports. (y)

The car made 330hp and 400ft/lbs with 10psi. I was ready for much more, but the stock valve springs were not. Once I get all the bugs sorted out of this thing, I plan to install a bunch of parts I have in my basement.
-ST5 cam
-L67 head gaskets
-ZZP head studs
-ZZP lifters
-PAC 150# springs
-Double roller timing set
-Machined oil pump cover
-Spohn tubular k-member
-N2MB wot box

For now, the car is a riot to drive. I've learned a ton with this thing, and look forward to showing off at a few events this year.

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Ya, glad you've been active here. Hopefully, you can make it to the 3800 Gathering up near Flint on June 18th. I'd be excited to get out there, again, and get back to knowing fellow members in person.
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Dang, what a trip! Glad you got to see all that and are enjoying your car, too.

Stuff like this is what gets us all excited to keep enjoying the community outside of our local areas, driveways, and keyboards. Thanks for sharing!

- Dave
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Very cool. I'd consider doing a manual s/c build with my MP112 setup someday. Not quite as much power, but the torque would be very hard on parts, so it'd be necessary.

Glad you got to have fun at the event, and the dyno charts look fairly clean aside from the issues. Good work, keep it up.
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