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TERAFI 10' second pass sheets

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Ok guys here is the updated times for TERAFI
Owner name? Craig Wright
Year, make, model and trim level of vehicle?1999 Holden Calais
Heads? Custom
Cam? stage 3 Intense
Power adder? M90 Gen 3 and NOS
60' Time (all digits)?1.604
Eighth mile E.T. and speed (all digits)[email protected]
Quarter mile E.T. and trap speed (all digits)[email protected]
Race weight?Heavy
out of the 2 sheets both the right hand lane are mine


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Sounds like someone's been goofing around the NOS pills a bit!! LOL! Based off the high trap, my guess would be a 125 or more shot!! Good run by the way. 101 at the eighth!! Thats pretty quick, at least for my slow-*ss "under 95 in the eighth GTP!
Do tell!!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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