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TERAFI 10' second pass sheets

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Ok guys here is the updated times for TERAFI
Owner name? Craig Wright
Year, make, model and trim level of vehicle?1999 Holden Calais
Heads? Custom
Cam? stage 3 Intense
Power adder? M90 Gen 3 and NOS
60' Time (all digits)?1.604
Eighth mile E.T. and speed (all digits)[email protected]
Quarter mile E.T. and trap speed (all digits)[email protected]
Race weight?Heavy
out of the 2 sheets both the right hand lane are mine


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Very nice. What size pulley/shot, and intercooling?
running the zzp stage 3 core,61mm pulley , stage 3 head and cam from intense gen 3 ported m90, 5% overdrive balancer, E85 and a 75 shot of nos.
still quicker times in it just lights up the 10 inch rear hoosier slicks.
if you google TERAFI there's plenty of runs on utube.
converting to twin turbos now
Guys can you please post this in the 1/4 mile times please
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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