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Here is some good info that could save you hours of troubleshooting:

I recently had a number of failures on my 98 GTP that happened over a long period of time. Here is a list:

1. Air Bag light on (happened while under warranty- dealer fixed, but occured again out of warranty- dealer wanted too much to look at it, so I let it go. This prolly happened at least 3 years ago!)

2. 2-3 months ago, my DIC started flashing zeros in all modes. Boost gage stopped working too.

3. A/C stopped working

4. Cruise stopped working

5. TCS light always on.

6. Noticed the "man" symbol on my dual climate control was flashing.

Here's the short story- since it took me at least a month of troubleshooting:

The dual zone error code showed a "07"- UART Serial Data Line Fault. I noticed that this line (circuit 800 on the schematics) goes to the computer, the EBTCM (brake module), the DIC, the dual zone HVAC controller, and the Air Bag module. I removed all connectors but the air bag module, since it is under the passenger front seat and I did not want to remove it. Circuit 800 still had a 10 Ohm short to ground.

So, I decided to remove the front seat (it's actually pretty easy). And what did I find? WATER! The whole underside of the carpet is SOAKED! (along with the air bag module). SO, I unplugged the connector-- problem solved. Now I just need to figure out where the water is coming from. EVERYTHING that was messed up before now works (except for the air bags, of course).

I hope you find this useful in your future troubleshooting!

Kurt :D

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awesome find Kurt! Glad you got it handled. Did the discs help you find the problem?

Let me know if you need a new airbag module. I have them.
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