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I absolutely hate to sell it, but I need to get rid of bills from our wedding and the birth of our child. Also looking to move into a bigger house.

Stattama Turbo Kit includes:

-Turbonetics T-70 Turbo. P-Trim Wheel, .68 A/R Exhaust Housing
-Oversized 12"x24"x4" A2A Intercooler. Small dent on bottom but merely minor
-Mototron 60 lb/hr Injectors
-Custom Stattama Turbo Headers. Thermal Coated
-TiAL 50mm BOV
-Turbonetics 42mm Racegate
-Ceramic Coated Piping
-Stattama Custom Upper Intake (Passenger Side TB)
-Hallman Manual Boost Controller with Cockpit Adjustability Kit included
-3" Coated Downpipe

All of this would cost well over $7000k through ZZP with the BOV and Wastegate additional upgrades. Headers are custom as well. On 14psi I was running consistant 11.4s-11.5s @ 123MPH with basically no burnout, non-optimal shift points, and misfiring issues. Mind you, this was also @ 3550lbs with me in the car. This kit should easily put you well into the 9s with some good tuning. Less than 3k miles on the kit.


ZZPerformance Race-Ready Transmission.

Just had it freshened up by Tim King and has zero miles on it. Includes:
-rebuilt valve body
-rebuilt channel plate
-low mile stock HD diff out of an '04 GTP trans
-new input piston
-new PCS solenoid
-new Zpak 3rd clutch
($1100 rebuild)

Hard parts in the trans include
-GMR 3.29 Single Chain Conversion
-ZZP 3500 TC
-ZZP 4340 IS
-ZZP Output Shaft
-ZZP Pump Shaft
-Diff Squirter
-Stattama Gen2 Billet Aluminum Flexplate

No core needed.


EasyPerformance FlowCharger. $200

Meziere Electric WaterPump. Black. 40 hours on it. Includes P/P Harness. $250

All prices plus shipping/PayPal fees.

1998 GTP coupe. All stock and rust free. That will change soon.
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Consider that you bumped a 12 year old thread started by a member who hasn't been on 10 years, I'm guessing "no"

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Guess I'll have to finally post my old turbo setup for sale, if interest is out there.
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