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I have a 1992 Oldsmobile
This is what happens...
starts fine
engine runs
will continue to run ok for about 10, 15, 20, min
then it shuts itself down (no stumble or indication) just like you turned the key off
INFL RESTNT light flashes
CHECK ENGINE LIGHT is on all the time
security light is also on all the time
Try to start... engine cranks, no fire
wait until engine cools down
Starts just fine

Last night i let it sit and run it got up to about 200 and the fans did not kick on, it has or had a 190 thermostat in it. I thought that maybe the INFLATION RESTAINT LIGHT was on because I believe the temp sensor to the PCM is on the same circuit, if the fans were not coming on and the light was flashing could this be an indication of a bad temp sensor? maybe the temp sensor fails when the engine get to temperature and gives a false reading to the PCM telling it that its far to hot causing an autoshutdown condition??. I Believe there is two temp sensors on my intake. one for the dash, and one for the PCM. If the intake sensor going to the PCM has a failure and tells the PCM that its too hot will this shut my car off and cause the INFLT REST light to flash and fans to not come on? Also i removed the thermostat and the dash temp was very cool as you could imagine, and the engine still stalled after about 15 min run time.

I replaced the following
Crank sensor (and yes it is adjusted properly)
Plugs and wires
there was corrosion on the coil pack terminals cleaned them

I couldnt imagine it being a ground to anything because it runs pretty good when it does run, I could be wrong

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Step one - Have someone read the check engine light.

Do not pass go,do not spend $200 playing parts darts. (lol)

Autozone will pull the code for free.
DO NOT buy what they try to sell you,just come back and post up the code.

Sounds like you ahve several issues,first thing you need is information.

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Im kinda stuck in a bind bc I don't have an autozone at my house lol, I live about 30 min away. Is that a paperclip diognostic? I tried putting a piece of wire in there on the last two terminals on the top an no flashing patters other than the rastraint light 5 times
Thanks for the input that was funny don't pass go lol
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