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Planning on putting an L36 into a project car.

Have a ~02 L36 out of a FWD (Park Avenue, I think). Doesn't currently have wiring harness or PCM.

This is going to have a manual transmission.

I want to use the FWD intake vs the F-Body, mostly because I want to leave open the possibility of an L67 and fitting it in the space is a lot more similar to the FWD L36 than the F-body L36, and parts are more common.

Wondering what the best way to approach this is. Seems a M/T F-body of the same era would get me a lot of the way there, but I'm assuming I need VATS disabled and maybe a few other things - don't want a BCM. Would a FWD wire harness and TB work with an F-Body PCM? Can I get an F-body ECM off ebay and hardwire VATS in somehow or is reprogramming a must?

Or should I just get the PCM/Harness out of a similar era FWD vehicle and have it programmed to remove the A/T functions? If so, is there any model that I should look for or avoid (like GP vs Park Avenue) ?

Is there anyone currently offering reprogramming services? I'm looking for the engine control to basically be stock, with maybe EGR delete, besides needing it standalone and M/T.

Heading to a junkyard in a few days, so it would be nice to grab what I need while I'm there, but it doesn't have any f-bodies.
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