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Hey everyone,

After being unsatisfied with my box tune, I contacted DynoBrian to see if he would tune my PCM.

We talked, and I eventually bought an HP Tuner, and sent Brian my tune.
From there, he told me the box tune that I had was essentially garbage. Injectors weren't even the correct size on the tune (I have stock injectors).

He sent me back a tune with instructions on how to drive, and what to do on the computer to log my data.

Admittedly, I'm a web designer/developer, so the program wasn't that difficult to grasp, but any questions I had, Brian answered them.

I sent back my log file, and he adjusted my tune and emailed it back. He then told me what he did from the first tune to this one.

I again logged and emailed him back, and we did this a few times.

At this point, Brian asked if he could call me to explain something to me. After we spoke, I had a better understanding of the tuning process and of my car in general.

To make an already long story short, in the end, my car runs with 0 KR, and I understand the very basics of tuning, all for $200 ($100 for the tune, $100 for revisions until Brian was satisfied).

And I have to say, the car runs great. On WOT runs it pulls so much better. Just awesome.

Thank you Brian, and a heads up to everyone who hasn't talked/interacted with him - he is the real deal. The guy knows his stuff inside and out.

I have a handful of mods I want to do eventually (smaller pulley, IC, etc etc) and if I ever get over my head I know I'll be emailing Brian and asking him to look at my logs and possibly doing revisions.

He really is an asset to the tuning community.
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Glad that you are happy Keith.

Thank you for putting the time and effort into posting this.

I am back from vacation now so I have access to HP Tuners to look at scans now.

I am glad your car is running healthy again.
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