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In the spirit of Buick powered vehicles, the owners of the FWD 3800 type vehicles are especially invited to help us (old Buick owners - GN's and GS's) come beat up on some Fords. This event typically yields a 85 vs 85 car race. Our biggest year, we saw over 100 cars on each side.

We had 5-10 GTP's and GS's one year running 12's and 13's, but they have dissappeared.

Just a short synopsis, this is a Headsup NO-RULES "Team" event. Racers will time trial from the morning through mid-afternoon. For eliminations, we pair up racers, Ford Vs. Buick, in a slowest to fastest format. Each race is a point for each team, the team with the most wins at the end of the night is the winner.

The Fords have won the last 2 years, putting them up 7 to 5 in our 12 year history. It is time for us to even the score with wins in the next 2 years.

For more information, please contact me at the address/phone below.

Here is a posting that I've made to our turbobuick.com forum.

Thanks for your consideration.

John Nguyen
FVB Event Staff
Pinks All Out Contender
Sold 87 GN 10.0 Street Car
[email protected]

OK Ford Vs. Buick Oct. 27th - Headsup Racing - Countdown Begins


This is some of the best headsup Buick racing in the Country.

Shootout information here: http://www.okbuicks.com/shootoutflyer 2007.pdf

It's that time of the year again to find out who are the "players" and who are the "posers" at the drag strip. The Fords are up 7 to 5 of the first 12 years of this event. It is time to get even.

We need all Buicks to show up! Doesnʼt matter how fast or slow you think your car is. If itʼll make it down the track, I bet that there will be a Ford on the other end to be beaten. You donʼt have to risk beating up your car to make a difference in this team event. We were beat because we did not have 9 cars to cover the 9 - 14 sec and SLOWER Fords that didn't have a buick to race.

Race admission for out of state Buick racers is comp'd by the Oklahoma club.

Anyone on the bubble about going, please get with me directly - email me at [email protected] or call me at 817-706-8658 in the later evenings.

HERE is the list of racers from last year and new racers this year that already commited. I look forward to adding YOU to this list:

Single Digit Racers
John Schmidt Winterswille OH
Bob Peterson St. Paul, MN
Lawrence Conley Humble, TX
Jerry Chambers Edmond , OK
Bones Hayhurst Dumas, TX
Eric Ruge Eureka , KS

10 Second Racers
Mike Garrison Topeka, KS
John Martin Plano, TX
John Plog NE
Eric Barmettler Cache , OK
Mike Hogan Cedar Park , TX
Mark Wallace Claremore, OK
Greg Crabtree Independence MS
Brian Alberti Venus
Dick Walker OKC
Rick Kinworthy Ft. Worth , TX
EJ Howe Houston, TX
Cody Copeland Dallas, TX

11 Second Racers
Cole Sitton Amarillo , TX
Austin Kendall Del City , OK
Larry Johnson Bedford, TX
Troy Doolady Columbia , MS
Mark Shackelford Kansas , KS
Randy McCall Forney , TX
Bob Thomas Del City , OK
Bob Speison Grain Valley , MS
Kathy Emberton Mustang , OK
Tim Wendeburg Deer Park, TX
Scott Hetzel OKC
Mitch Smith Arlington , TX
Phil Easterling Richardson , TX
John Brooks Spring , TX
Daniel Oviedo Murphy, TX
Edie Blanchard OKC
Robert Downey Ft. Worth, TX
Clay Hollander Cache, OK
Mike Jameson Yukon , OK
Robert Sandler Houston , TX
Heath Wallace Nagadoches, TX
Jeff Newton Garland , TX
Dan Meador Del City , OK
Larry Jones Tulsa , OK
Carl Brimer Arlington , TX
Duke McClain Dallas , TX
Bryan Wanner Kansas City
Brian Winer

The Calvary - 12's+
Rick Larson Midwest City , OK
Butch Deacon Edmond, OK
Rene Zel Yukon , OK
Leon Bolte Norman , OK
Ron Sharp Wichita , KS
Brandon Wymer Edmond , OK
John Markland OKC
Erika Alberti Venus , TX
Shane Clark Claremore, OK
Kong Chang OKC
Brian Allen Rowlett, TX
Jeff Pratt St. James , MS
Kevin Plowman Gardner, KS
Cameron Busby OKC
Cindy Garrison Topeka, KS
James Kiddy Cabbot, AR
Gilbert Alvarez Jr. Amarillo , TX
Adam Denny Harrah , OK
Richard Walker Elmore City , OK
Adam Kary Topeka , KS
Alan Clayton OKC
Teddy Webb Choctaw, OK
Denise Hosack Corinth , TX
David Newton Garland , TX
Brandon Forrester Wichita , KS
Jerry Berger Hewitt, TX
Matt Gordan Topeka , KS
Rob Ramirez Ashland , KS
Mike Lerner OKC
JM Graves Delaware AR
Ron Russel Yukon
Larry Eads OKC
Fran Shulte Moore , OK
Brian Torelli Overland Park KS
Steve Emberton Mustang , OK

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Soo... where is this taking place, and just Buicks only? I see something mentioned about GTP's but yeah. Just making sure.

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Street Wolf,

GTPs are welcome. Anything Buick or Ford powered is ok. Powered, for us, is determined by the cylinder head design.

There is a link to a flyer above.

The race is in Noble, OK which is just south of Norman, OK or OKC, OK.

Hope you can make it.

More details and hotel information to come.


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Thanks for the info, link above doesn't work for me since I don't have the proper program to open it. It's very possible I'll be able to go since it's only a little over one hundred miles away from me.

I'll let you know.

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Come on guys! We just bought a 99 Regal GS for my girlfriend so that I can race. Come show me how it's done.

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Where is the 3800 power??????? Com'on guys it doesn't matter how fast or slow you are there will be a Ferd to line up with.
The Ferd camp had a lot of cars in the 14-16 sec range last year with no one to race! Not enough Buick or Buick powered cars! Don't let this happen again.

Even though my GN is down right now I will be there in my GS (son driving)!

David Newton
86GN 11.89 @114mph
97GS 13.82 @ 98mph

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Well guys and gals not much we can say we got our a$$e$ handed to us! Yes
there was a lot of sandbagging going on just ask my son Geoff, he was at a 13.94 and ran a Stang that ran 12.47 @117 getting out of it on the big end.

But that was not the reason we lost, we had way to many redlights for one. There was 8 by our side and I only counted 1 for the Fords. I even noticed that the Fords were much better on the tree than we were and I have the video to prove it! There were 2 bye's for each side so that was a wash.

There were 11 Fords that did not have a Buick to race the fastest vehicle being a 15.82! This is hugh remember we lost by 13, 50 to 37.
Yes they dominated the top 10, but we should dominate the rest and that is
enough to win!

Thanks to John Nguyen and all of the Oklahoma crew for there hard work on
making this event possible.
And one other thing John, the Choo Choo dragster has to go! Need I say more?

David N.
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