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I saw this over on another forum. ;)

Southwest W-Body Meet

When: Saturday, January 29th 2005, 9:00AM

Where: Speedworld Raceway Park, Surprise, AZ

What: W-body meet for Southwest US and Anyone else who wants to
attend. Heads Up Drag Racing with other W-body owners and
possible crossover with other clubs.

Why: Because we can, and where else are you gonna race in January.

How Much: $15.00 Admission to Race and $10.00 to watch.

Why should I drive that far: Because it will be fun, and Speedworld is known for having excellent traction, and some of the freindliest staff anywhere. Also because it will be perfect weather for Racing in January, and its a nice weekend get away.

Where should I stay while I am there: The cities of Surprise and Peoria have significant choices in Hotels, Spring Training Baseball is hosted here every year so there are plenty of choices.

What else are we gonna do: I am working on that, but I am sure that taking over a local food and beverage establishment will be in order.

Are there gonna be give aways: I am working on that also, but don't let that be the reason you decide to come or not.
Anyone here going? I heard there might be a GenV intercooler as a prize! :D
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