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Well after a long struggling week, and still a ton of issues with the car. I finally did passes with the GT from a week turnaround from being NA (had to take it to the body shop) to back to boosted.

Temp was around low 60 when we started racing and went down to freezing high 40's at night. Traction was decent to terrible for a guy on street tires. Elevation is 1300 ft. ;)

Old PB: 13.435 @ 104.16 mph w/ 2.189 60'

Here is my PB for the run (run 1 and 2 to be exact lol)...
60'---- 2.109
1/8---- 8.488 @ 86.76 MPH
1/4---- 13.043 @ 106.50 MPH!!!!

60'---- 2.185
1/8---- 8.558 @ 87.07 MPH
1/4---- 13.098 @ 106.85 MPH!!!!

Don't ask me how the heck I went faster and pulled a 'slower' time. :D All in all, it was pretty decent and got as many runs as we felt like.

Pretty much difference from last time to this time was the cold weather (rougly 10* when I made my old PB), still the 3.6 pulley on board with higher boost, 104 octane instead of torco, personal ported GTP TB instead of GT stage 2 TB, 5 in intake cone instead of 8 in shoved into the fender hole and some more fuel tweaking. :eek:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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