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SC 3800 into 2nd gen s10 help!

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Hey guys,

New to this forum but im really motivated to swap out my 2.2l motor in my s10 and make a gtp engine i picked up work. Gtp engine only has 70k on it, its completely stock.

From what i know... if i use 6 cylinder camaro motor mounts, and 6 cylinder camaro flywheel i can keep my 5spd and the motor should fit... although i have to do some minor mods to the engine bay.

Anyone know if this has been done before or see anything wrong with me trying this swap?

Any ideas are appreciated!
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yes I can confirm that, mine is on the second one lol. Good luck to you then! hope to start mine soon and get it posted up
A top swap actually has more involved...the stoke, compression ratio, cam profile is all different which makes programming a nightmare unless you do a custom tune on a dyno.
yes I can confirm that, mine is on the second one lol. Good luck to you then! hope to start mine soon and get it posted up
Not trying to whore this up but what are you trying to start?
Full build from an L67. Want to go all out just haven't decided between turbos (they have to come in pairs) or the m90. Going into the Camaro. LS1 is to common and I gotta thing for these engines. Going to keep the factory motor for now but have another complete engine and everything but a tensioner for a top swap. That was my original plan but if I'm going to machine the m90 or mod the sub frame I'm going all out. And my apologies for thread jacking will post when I actually start building the engine.
for the motormounts i used the original 3.8l dogbones, welded a 1/4" plate to the tops and welded them to a plate I bolted to the motor in the stock locations. This will aleviate me using the original AC pump though :icon_mad: I will take better pics when I break it all down for paint.
Please do!
See I dont have them, Mines already a rwd Camaro setup. With some rigged mounts from the previous owner, Im at a loss at what to do
can you get the holden supercharger here though?
I fired it up today for the first time!

Open headers, just a quick fire up to test all wiring, computer programming, etc...

21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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