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Rock Crawler Swap

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Need to replace the 4.3 in my Samurai rock crawler..
I got a line on a 2006 Series 3 SC 3800...
Here's where it gets interesting.. I want to mate it to a 700r4 trans. I'm gonna need a stand alone harness, obviously and adapter to mate it to the trans. Would also like to keep the DBW. Not afraid to do the research nor put the time into it..

Any recommendations would be appreciated...
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You'll be able to "easily" customize the GP's harness to fit your needs. The added headache of DBW will require the car's pedal system, too. Just bumped into a guy at the junkyard replacing his GP's TB due to the motor and board no longer working, which is a failure mode as they get older.

Not sure how happy the 700R4 will be getting commanded by the PCM (isn't it a non-electronic trans?). The speed sensor at the output is your primary concern, and the PCM might be configurable to ignore all the errors from not having to run solenoids and such. Track down schematics from service manuai, and possibly ask ZZP if they're willing to work with you on a PCM for your needs (might run upwards of $500 for their default price packaging, when it's all done, though... And they might not want to get too in the weeds on a custom project for minimal return, which costs them time away from selling basic standard upgrades).

This adapter plate might make your job easier, since this FWD bell pattern didn't get into more RWD setups until the 90's Camaro/Firebird V6, primarily (might be available in some non-4.3 S-10's with 700's or 4L60's, but others have that info elsewhere).
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Forgot to link the adapter for the transmission
Forgot to link the adapter for the transmission
I wS looking at that same one...
I've got a "spare" 700r4..
I'm gonna get that adapter ordered and set up a test stand... This projects getting a whole lot more interesting!!
Cool. I've got one mocked up, too, but it'll be a little bit before I get it fully set, due to the excessive modifications I'm scraping together.

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Cool. I've got one mocked up, too, but it'll be a little bit before I get it fully set, due to the excessive modifications I'm scraping together.

View attachment 12068
Nice looking set up there!!!
I'm picking up the 3.8 on the 24th of this month. The salvage yard has 3 of them.. I just might look them over and if I can get a good deal I just might pick up 2..
I have a "spare" 700r4 So my thoughts are to completely get it all running on the test stand before I dump it in the Sami.. Waitin on this to get shipped from Utah, its got the 4.3 swap already but don't really have the power it needs...
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Cool, should be fun. I was originally going to do a ZR2 S10 swap, but decided to go for a car right now. The Buick is going to get most of my attention for the near future, but finally going RWD has my 3800 motivation renewed.
Picked up my 3800 tday!!
Turns over good no chunks or rattles.
Wiring harness seems to be in great shape!!
Now to roll up sleeves n start digging in!!
Anyone have any links or suggestions where to find a wiring diagram/pin out???
The Fiero crowd has a lot of wiring info from doing their swaps for decades. Take your time and hunt stuff down and make it as squared away as possible.
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