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Hellow fellow Obsessive gear heads... :D

How about an intro to my car. Mod list.....Lowered Black 2 door GTX 18"077s-Full white faced gauges.

-Race preped blocked ARP- BS deleted-Owner ported heads/o.s.valves MLS-130 CC springs and lifters-TEP cam-TOGs(wrapped)-ROBs DP with a Q-tech-custom 5 core MAP IC-ROBs ice exchanger-MP112 w/2.8 & 2.6"-Stock TB-60# delphis-PRJ rails & wires-MSD coils-Custom Dual RA air box-PI injection-C-ya PCM(For now)-tranny rebuilt W/HD IShaft and 3.29 T kit single chain conversion and HDclutches.

I still got alot of stuff on the table..

Comments suggestions?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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