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So long story short in the process of fixing an exhaust leak I snapped a stud on the rear head. I managed to get it out but the rags I stuffed in the exhaust port kept falling out so I said **** it and went back to pulling the bolt. This caused metal shavings to get into cylinder #2 which is made worse by penetrating oil getting into the cylinder as well.

I’ve decided the best course of action is to pull the rear head and use a hose on a shop vac to clean the cylinder out given none of the shavings are small enough not cause serious damage. Luckily I didn’t run the vehicle after realizing how badly I had messed up.

I’ve got all my gaskets and new head bolts along with shop rags to plug all open passages, and copper spray a gasket to keep in in place while assembling the head. I’ve done the lower intake before but I doubt it’s as complicated as this. So I have a few questions.

1) The vehicle has 137k miles, never been overheated or ran low on coolant. Is it necessary to shave the head? Also do I need to replace both gaskets given there is no damage to either head?

2) Aside from oil in the head bolt holes, do I need any sealer on the threads? The new TTY bolts came with red/yellow sealed on them.

3) I’ve purchased a torque angle meter, and my service manual says 37 lb ft plus 120 degrees. Is it necessarily to recheck torque after a few heat cycles?
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