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Rembo upgrade fail on 98’ Gtp

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After a couple evenings of prep, the brembo calipers and new 12.7” ZZP rotors were ready to install. Install onto the vehicle was a breeze. I also upgraded to stainless lines. The Extra short line on the driver side was a pain.
I went to install my 18” GXP wheels on and it wasn’t even close. I need another 1/2” clearance due to the larger caliper. So now I need to pound out all the wheel studs, install ARP longer studs and add a 1/2” spacer. This should provide me enough clearance from the face of the caliper, to the back of the wheel. I hope this helps the next guy. On ZZP it says fits 18s and some 17” wheels. That info is not correct. Make sure you have the correct offset. My GXP offset are +51.
Here is pic of the rotor and caliper mounted. I am also adding pic of the rear upgraded combo as well. I will update photos once studs are in and wheels are mounted.
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I checked fitment with a 1/2” spacer, and the wheels clear the calipers. Just waiting on new ARP wheel studs and hub centric spacers that fit the bore. Hopefully installing the new studs will not be painful. From what I found, I will need to make a notch in the assembly to get the studs to clear from the back end. Either that or remove the gun assembly.
When I installed longer studs for my spacing my race Welds a year or so back, I had to pull the hubs, because there isn't a straight shot thru the back for removal/install.
I used a dremel and carved away some material so the studs could slide in.


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