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Rebuild after 13 years. Help?

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I have a 98 GTP. Lots of mods. From what I remember it was high 12s 1/4 mile back in the day. Pulled it apart 13+ years, for a coolant leak. Was still running fair when I pulled it apart. While apart I decided to do a Gen V swap as well as upgrade my intercooler. Today I started her up over 13 years later. It has sat in the garage the entire time. It fired up and the second try. Idles rough for a short amount of time then smooth out. No leaks. Everything seemed better than expected to be honest. I was worried it wouldn’t start. Shortly after the garage started to smell like I was at a bonfire. And I saw white exhaust coming out the tail pipes. And I pulled down the exhaust from the resonator and downpipe. I can see all the crap in the resonator from what looks to be an old mouse home. I got that taken care of refastened up. And all seems well. I took it for a drive around the block just now. it seems to have very little power. It smells rich that I can tell. No codes yet. Any ideas on anything I could have overlooked? I know it’s a very vague question, but it’s been so long since I’ve drove this car.


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Did you change the oil or any of the fluids? That would be the first thing I'd do after it sat that long. If you just took it around the block & didn't put any mileage on it the pcm might need more time to relearn the fuel trims. Could also be an issues with the boost bypass valve or one of the vacuum lines to the supercharger. Thats the only things that initially pop into my head. Very nice engine bay btw!
Smart move. I always baby mine coming out of winter storage. Sounds to me like you are doing everything right. I was thinking maybe your issue is a dragging caliper or parking brake. These cars have small drum setups in the center of the rear rotor, its possible something ceased up in there.
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