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Rebuild after 13 years. Help?

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I have a 98 GTP. Lots of mods. From what I remember it was high 12s 1/4 mile back in the day. Pulled it apart 13+ years, for a coolant leak. Was still running fair when I pulled it apart. While apart I decided to do a Gen V swap as well as upgrade my intercooler. Today I started her up over 13 years later. It has sat in the garage the entire time. It fired up and the second try. Idles rough for a short amount of time then smooth out. No leaks. Everything seemed better than expected to be honest. I was worried it wouldn’t start. Shortly after the garage started to smell like I was at a bonfire. And I saw white exhaust coming out the tail pipes. And I pulled down the exhaust from the resonator and downpipe. I can see all the crap in the resonator from what looks to be an old mouse home. I got that taken care of refastened up. And all seems well. I took it for a drive around the block just now. it seems to have very little power. It smells rich that I can tell. No codes yet. Any ideas on anything I could have overlooked? I know it’s a very vague question, but it’s been so long since I’ve drove this car.


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The 3800 TB mechanism is exponential (notice the dual pivot), probably meant to limit some spinning with the SC. A simple swap to a Northstar TB gets you a direct single-pivot cable pull, and you will notice it immediately.
If that setup isn't giving you an aggressive pedal when you hit it, you've got some more upkeep to do before beating on it... Or you're doing an apples to oranges comparison in your head (I mean that in a purely scientific sense of comparing two different configurations with different feasible upgrades and traction capabilities).
You can adjust the Acceleration Enrichment (transition) and Performance Enrichment (boost/open loop) fueling areas. The rest is just mechanical, which calibrating your brain-foot connection to different vehicles will be the solution.

After driving my F-150 a ton in the last 5yrs, getting in my cars now feels totally different, and almost uncomfortable until I routinely drive them for a bit.
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