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Proud of my little johnson

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I just replaced the cheap red & white IC pump (which, btw, crapped out on me) that came with the Stage 1 IC with a Johnson CM30P7-1. The pump is smaller than the red&white pump and the build quality is night to day compared with my previous unit.

After a couple of modifications, I got it installed and was pleased to find that it operates MUCH quieter that than its predecessor. I took my car for a couple of quick WOT runs which resulted ZERO kr with the 2.8" pulley on my GenV SC.

I picked up the pump from http://www.autoperformanceengineering.com/html/jabsco.html (bottom of the page). It was $125.00 shipped and the guys there are great to deal with. They usually sell these pumps to the SY/TY fellas for their ICs.

As a side note: When I had the previous pump, the damn thing failed on me before or during I went on a WOT run. My LS1M registered 9 degrees of KR and I'm damn glad that I didn't chip a piston since my engine is running with additional timing. For me, a higher quality pump was worth the extra money and, even though I just installed this unit, I feel comfortable with the build quality that it'll last much longer than the crappy red&white pump.


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I got the $65 pump from the same vendor, it works very well. It could flow a hare more, but it is definately enough for this system. It's my 3rd pump. I built my own mag drive pump from spare parts, but it flowed WAY too much, then put in a cheapo pump from Harbor freight tools. That had a good flow rate, but it was as loud as a chainsaw. The Johnson pump is so quiet, if I didn't have temp monitoring guages on the IC in/out, I wouldn't even know it was working. Quality stuff right there.
yeah ,my johnson has never failed me so far :D
Direct from their website.

"The reason this Johnson pump is so inexpensive is because it is a discontinued model. Johnson has not made this pump for over five years. There is no warranty on these pumps. The warehouse where we get them has a limited supply; when they are gone, I won't be able to get any more"

If the thing lasts, great, but if not, it might be a pain in the arse to use and replace when broken. I do agree though that the pump that comes with the certain vendor's unit is a POS. I am on my third one in 6 months.

Good find though. Hopefully yours willl last much longer than the previous one.


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So just so i have everything straight. The johnson C030p5 unit will fail if insufficant back pressure. Where as the C0300p7 can opperate dry? I own both i just have to decide which to install. Are you guys running braided line by chance. I just want to make sure i have all the connectors needed.
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