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Good day to you all.

Just on here surfing around having a great time! It's great to come to a central place and find so much info and knowledge and sheer love for these cars. I for one am a very proud owner of my GTP and am finally getting her where I want her after near 5 years of ownership.

I know there's at least one individual on this site that knows of me (You know who you are). I would like to take this opportunity to tell anyone who's signed up for this Forum, that the boys at INTENSE ENTERPRISES are the very best!!! I wouldn't be "wheels turning" today if it wasn't for them. Thanks guys.

Looking forward to exchanging info with all, and gathering up as much info as I can possibly absorb, because if a day goes by that you dont learn something new about your ride, then the day's just been a waste now hasnt it....

See ya around!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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