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Hello , does anyone know if there is a 3800 Power Steering Delete Pulley offered by any company out there .

Thanks for any info

Sand Rail 3800 .

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Edit - we also had this discussion a couple months ago in the General Tech forum:
(started by the same person back in 2014; highlights reason to just post once so answers stay together and easier to find/reply)

Typically, just an A/C delete is readily available from Dorman at many places. If you're doing a custom project swap build that's not using power steering, you can try a vendor like West Coast Fieros for their 3800 swap components, though:

$170 - https://westcoastfiero.com/products/power-steering-delete


Also, FastFieros has an alternator relocation setup (WCF might, too), but Fiero guys tend to charge pretty high for basic parts. This one adds the dogbone mount bracket for Fieros, but you could request that be left out, and use a plate like the outer one for proper spacing (or build it all yourself):

$375 - http://www.fastfieros.com/catalog.htm


Honestly, there's much simpler routing, especially if you go with an electric water pump and only need the alternator, by relocating it to the A/C compressor mounting area.
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