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I posted on Club gp and got no help so I will try here.
Sorry for the long winded post.

Problem 1
While on the highway coming home from the track at 80 mph I punched it. Trans downshifted and very loud rapid clicking noise could be heard and felt throughout the car (most noticable at the gas pedal). Also a slight drop in power. The car actually shook. I took my foot out of it and it quickly disappeered. In frustration I put my foot back down to the floor and the car ran fine. This one other time on the way home that night. (I had no problems at the track and this problem has not occurred since)
Problem 2
Previously I have had this occur in 2 - 4 gear at a less rapid speed (about every half second) and no lost power. I had taken the car to the dealer for the slower clicking problem and they could not duplicate. They dropped the pan and found nothing on the magnet or in the pan. I have found that it only occurs on Medium to full throttle and usually shows it self when going around a sweeping curve under acceleration (right or left turns). I can't repeat this problem at will. It come and goes and is becoming more frustrating :mad: . I also don't know if the 2 problems are related.

If anyone can help or give advice on this it would be greatly appreciated.

3.4 pulley, 180 t, Nt-20 plugs, CAI, Intense std pcm.

Thanks Don
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