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I can find plenty of information on what sort of plug to run on 3.4" and lower pulley vehicles, but I'm having a harder time finding out what I can do to decrease my stock knock. Right now, I'm seeing up to around 3.8 degrees of KR on my car, and all it has is an SLP intake. I want to install my recently purchased Intense PCM, but I know it's going to increase my knock and thus the knock retard associated with it. So I'd like to decrease what's there in anticipation for what will come.

I see some are running one degree cooler plugs, such as the AC Delco 41-932's. Some run the two degree cooler Autolite 104's. My question is: Is cooler always better? Why wouldn't I want to run the coolest plug out there? I understand it can foul more easily. What about misfires? Or passing emissions? Is colder going to contribute to these issues in a negative way?

Is there anyway to select a plug which will do fine now, and do fine if I decide to install a 3.4" pulley at some point down the road? Copper, Platnium? I think most agree copper is the way to got for big power, but what about in applications with less ambition? Is it just overkill and adding one more thing that can go wrong when it's not really needed?
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