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It resembled the Celtics outscoring the Pacers 26-8 in the second from last quarter, transforming a seven-point deficiency into a victory triumph.

How it sounded in the Pacers' storage space after the amusement was finished? Sounded confident. Sounded practically positive. Seemed like veteran point protect Darren Collison telling a TV columnist, "We simply need to remain rationally solid," and when I strolled over to ask him how, precisely, they will do that, this is the means by which Collison replied:

"Simply take a gander at how the diversion was played," he was stating. "We were directly there. Dislike we couldn't play with that group."

This wasn't simply Collison finding the brilliant side. This was everybody in that storage space, and not only freely for the media. In one corner of the storage space, Sabonis was sitting between Myles Turner and Bojan Bogdanovic. That is the Pacers' best three dynamic scorers directly there — Bogdanovic is underdog to the harmed Victor Oladipo at 18 for each amusement, trailed by Sabonis (14.1) and Turner (13.3) — and they had quite recently scored a joined 24 on 9-for-26 shooting.

What's more, they're correct. No, truly. In the most glaring precedent you'll ever observe of the NBA being, as individuals like to state, "a make-or-miss association," the Pacers made only 28-of-84 shots from the floor (33.3 percent). They missed nine of their 21 free tosses. Do that on a night when the other group is scoring 120, and you will lose by 40 or 50. Do that in a diversion where the other group can't shoot a mess better (the Celtics shot 36.4 percent from the floor), and keeping in mind that you probably won't have a lot of an opportunity — the Celtics commanded Game 1 after halftime — you have motivation to seek after Game 2 on Wednesday.

All things considered, the Pacers think they have motivation to trust. Am I revealing to them they're off-base? No more than I've effectively written as of late, that the Celtics have significantly more ability than the Pacers, that the Celtics had no business scarcely defeating Indiana for fourth spot in the Eastern Conference, that the Pacers' solitary shot at beating Boston is to turn this arrangement appalling. The majority of that is valid, yet so is this, and I'll surrender the floor to Pacers veteran Wesley Matthews:

"We had more helps (than Boston)," Matthew said. "We had increasingly hostile bounce back. We had more takes. We played resistance adequate. We simply didn't make enough shots."

Purpose of certainty, the Pacers were more terrible than only that in the second from last quarter. To do what the Pacers did Sunday, setting another season-low for focuses in a quarter, any quarter, they needed to accomplish more than miss shots. Despite the fact that Lord show benevolence, did they miss shots. They missed their initial nine, five 3-pointers and a few long 2s, and continued missing even as they drew nearer, sort of like Sabonis at halftime.

In any case, they additionally turned the ball more than multiple times, similar to when Collison spilled it off his foot outside the alloted boundaries, dropped to a knee to tie his shoelace, and brought his arms up with consternation as the Celtics immediately inbounded the ball and headed the other way. What's more, when Matthews ended up segregated on Kyrie Irving 15 feet from the container, failed the littler Irving to get down to business, and acknowledged he couldn't do much without the ball; Irving had just taken it from him. What's more, when Bogdanovic went around Sabonis for a handoff, however Sabonis' point-clear pass was gotten by Marcus Morris.

After the amusement, the Pacers were sure — totally persuaded — they can play with the Celtics.

"On the off chance that you include the various quarters up," Thaddeus Young stated, "we win. That second from last quarter is the thing that killed us."

They were being perky, every one of them, and it was somewhat creepy. Like, mentally programmed material. What did Nate McMillan or another person state to make the Pacers so perky subsequent to scoring a season-low 74 points — 15 underneath their past 2018-19 low — in a 10-point misfortune to the Celtics?

However, at that point I heard it. The sound of the real world, of perception. The sound of trustworthiness.

It originated from Collison after he was done chatting with the media. He was all the while sitting at his storage, not going anyplace for some time with the two his 31-year-old feet absorbing a tub of ice and his left knee vigorously enclosed by ice too.

"Ugh," Collison said.

Progressively like, moaned. He did it so uproariously, I hoped to check whether Collison was OK, and was surprised to see him keeling over to one side. In any case, at that point I saw it. I saw why he was hanging over, his head scarcely a foot over the ground. He was perusing something lying on the floor. A bit of paper.


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