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Hey guys and gals,
Looking for some help as I've decided to go turbo instead of the gen V swap. Looking for info on the vacuum line routing, a PCV setup with a catch can and evap purge setup.
Car is an 04 regal LS, GTP L67 with series 3 top end (heads/IM with injector holes welded shut), N* TB, and a Cartuning turbo kit. PLEASE let me know if I've missed anything as I'm trying to figure everything out before I do the swap!!!
Thank You In Advance!!!!

1. For the evap purge valve could the stock L36 evap purge solenoid be used? or does anything need to be re routed or modded? purge solenoid hits the N* TB when in the factory location on the S3 IM.

2. For Vacuum line routing,
-I believe I'll have to add a couple barbs on the IM for the boost gauge and not sure what else.
  • Planning on using the stock line/check valve for the booster (if that works)??
  • Is there a check valve needed to run between the N* and the 90 degree vacuum line on the top of the S3 IM?
  • Not sure if I'm missing anything. Or if someone has a diagram somewhere??

3. For PCV setup, the goal is a sealed system (no breathers) and a catch can
  • planning on using a L67 pcv valve in the stock location
  • I've read there is a port in the pcv location that needs to be welded shut. Is this true?
  • Are there any other mods that need to be done to the IM, holes welded shut, ports added etc etc?
  • I drew a cheesy diagram for how I think the PCV routing should go (hopefully it'll upload)
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Thank You dezldave961 for the response and I appreciate the info!!

1. Awesome!! Should make life easy for routing..lol
2. Okay perfect. Yes it's funny you mention the block as I completely forgot to mention that was in the plans. The adapter plate from zzp has no port in the bottom of it (so I'm guessing no worries there).
Just to clarify, the blue circle is what I'll be tapping, and the grey/black parts circled is what's needed to be blocked off.
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3. Okay, good to know the pcv's are not as usefull. I understand about using the map sensor from the NA manifold, but would an L67 map not be a better option??
As for the plugging the pcv, I think it would be the same difference if the pipe was pulled from the bottom of the uim and have it welded shut? I circled the pipe in blue on the left
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#1a. I was planning on using the stock valve covers and tapping the front or both (if needed) if that'll work?? Good to know about blocking the n* tube off!!

2. Okay interesting. Any chance you have a picture(s) of your engine bay or diagram of how it's laid out??

Very true with the blow-by, just don't want to blow out gaskets or seals trying...lol
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