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Well even though my motor bit the big one (think its a rod bearing) I still got a new PB. It was last week but whatever :p

R/T: .876
60': 2.073
330: 5.684
1/8: 8.681
MPH: 82.19
1000: 11.252
1/4: 13.431
MPH: 102.81

Car had been running like crap for the longest time (stock pcm with mods in sig besides HPTuners). I did my own custom tune and it ran great as I chopped off almost a second. The custom tune had stock timing, a little extra fuel via PE, TM adjusted and shift points set to 6200. If anyone that wants to look at the Bin to see if i f'd up anywhere let me know and I'll email it. (So nice to view different years now with the HPTuner :) ) TIA!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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