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Hi all,

I've owned a 3800 of some sort for about 10 years now and am fairly familiar with them. my current impala (2004) is popping the p0446 code and I have tried the following to clear it:

1. evap canister valve leaking, replaced with new.
2. purge valve was original unit - replaced with new (dealer part)
3. pulled computer and tested continuity to all evap circuits (solenoids, etc)
4. pulled hose from tank to evap canister.. found blockage and cleared.

car passed inspection yesterday (all but evap monitor complete) and this morning the damn cel popped on again. what else is there that could be causing this failure? is there a sensor I'm missing that could also cause the test to fail? I want to get this resolved now while I know the lines are clear, solenoids are working, etc. so I don't have to go through all this again next year.

thanks in advance!

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