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Hey guys.. I just bit the bullet and joined the forum. Although you guys have no info on the Series 1, let alone my old LN3, I figured i'd lend my useless knowledge to you all, and annoy you to death with my contradicting statements. Hope you enjoy my visits!

A little about me, before I setup my profile. I am Justin, a 14 year old, who lives in Three Oaks, Michigan. I own a 1989 Pontiac [obviously] Bonneville, she is my pride and joy. She is stock for the time being, I am still trying to fix all the broken stuff first. I am very partial to the pre-series 1 engines, I refuse to let 92+ owners leave us out.. since my car old[er], doesn't mean she should be left out from the fun. I will also make sure non supercharged cars [pre s1, s1, and s2], also aren't excluded from the performance groupies.. because my 16 year old LN3 has some juice, and it shouldn't be left in the corner with the big white "slow" hat.

So, that's me, an 87-91 opressionist ;)

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