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Allright. about a month or so ago i posted regarding a problem i was having w/ the car. let me lay out the facts. the transmission in my car is roughly 2 months old. from 0-90 is shifts flawlessly, not a problem, i love it. HOWEVER (and i am not even sure if the tranny is to blame), when i go to shift into OD at around 95/96 or whatever the mph is, the rpm wont really hang, but...this is really hard to explain...the car will shift really weird and there will be a noise along w/ it. watching my boost gauge, boost actually spikes well past my normal 12psi and i'll get kr. i've never really done a full out 0-100 run to check this, but i'm pretty sure this problem NEVER occurs when i go from a dead stop, only when i punch it from a roll (40mph and up). sometimes this problem wont even happen, but lately, it has. now, onto my next point of interest. awhile back i had a problem w/ the t connector under the blower snout. the problem was that at shifts, the engine would litterly blow the connector right off the block and i'd loose boost. i've recently fixed the problem w/ fresh vacuum lines all around. the sound and the experience i get is VERY VERY similar to what would happen when the vacuum line would shoot off. boost would spike, the noise would occur like the line was trying to be popped off, but fails to do so. i've asked zooomer about this problem and he has no idea what it is. the tranny guy is stumped also. i'm starting to get quite annoyed w/ this as well as worried. me and my buddy were talking last night and we have a theory that maybe the torque converter is messing up? i'm really at a loss as to whats going on. the problem also happened today when i hit about 60 and it shifted. same damn thing...unless i get a vid, its gonna be very hard to explain so ANY help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. one thing i would like to clear up is why that vacuum line would even try to come off...my aim name is crazymook69, if i'm online, PLEASE feel free to im me so i can fix this problem...thanks in advance

EDIT: heres some videos attempting to show whats going on...i'm the hairy guy driving :D
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