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New to me ss

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I was looking on the internet for performance parts and a while back I found a stage six kit called the V8 killer but now I cannot find it if anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it. I'm new to the w (I think that's what it is) body . 04 Impala ss.
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Sounds like a gimmick. There's pretty standard paths to take for upgrading 3800 Series 2 & 3 cars.

As I mentioned yesterday to the member asking about GP GT upgrades, watch ZZPerformance's YouTube videos on first mods to add.

N/A: you can add a handful of upgrades listed in my post yesterday, and see 20-30hp across the whole range, but even a full heads/cam build would be limited to reaching performance of a bone stock Supercharged car, or barely better.

Supercharged: Mild bolt-ons and proper tuning/scanning can reach 13-sec 1/4mi times without much headache, then you need to decide if spending money and effort to buy/dial-in a cam upgrade is worth it. Intercooler and fueling upgrades are a big cost that benefit the setups well, and can start getting too 300-350whp and 12-sec times, creeping into 11's with more effort. The typical limit of the M90 is about 400whp with the biggest cam and ported heads setup you can buy, which can get expensive to see potential for mid-11's runs.

Turbo: high initial cost, but big gains when properly set-up. Bolting these on a regular 3800 can get you to 300-400 whp with careful monitoring. Swapping from a supercharger to turbo setup provides the lower compression to run more boost, and intercooling is an inexpensive necessity either way to maximize power. Getting past 400whp and into the 11-sec range can happen without a cam upgrade, but doing one will add even more potential to flow the air properly and open up the possibility for 500+hp and 11-sec or better in a daily driven pump gas setup, but it'll cost a bit.
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Thanks for all the info I didn't even think about swapping from supercharger to turbo. That might be the better route. I wish I can remember where I seen that kit from because it was a lot of stuff.
Looks like it was a kit offered by the long-gone 3800performance site (guy in the Detroit-area who use to be a vendor in the early-mid 2000's, I believe).

It'd get you to about a low-13's setup. I got my '98 GTP to high 12's with this and slightly more while tuning and racing a lot back then: non-s/c 9.4:1 block, GenV M90, NorthStar TB, 42# injectors.

Archive.org link: 3800SC Stage 6 Performance Package: 3800 Performance

Price: $2,439.99
3800SC Stage 6 Performance Package Includes:

  • Comp Cams custom cam and upgraded Comp Cam valvetrain components
  • Thrasher Transmission Shift Kit
  • SLP Performance Parts Coated Exhaust Headers with 3 different downpipe options
  • PRJ Performance Ignition Wires
  • DynoMax Super Turbo Cat-Back Exhaust System with the option to upgrade to the SLP “Loudmouth” Exhaust System
  • Digital Horsepower Inc. customized PCM. (click here to read product information and the Disclaimer you must agree to.)
  • your choice of either a 3.4”, 3.25”, or 3.0” pulley
  • your choice of either a Press-On Pulley or the upgraded Thrasher Modular Pulley System
  • Thrasher Cold Air Induction Kit with the option to upgrade to the MSP Cold Air Induction System
  • Goodyear Gatorback Supercharger Belt
  • 160-degree or 180-degree SLP Performance Parts Thermostat
  • Optional Coolant Recovery Bottle for 1997-1998 owners
  • Optional Intake F-duct for 1997-1998 owners upgrading to the MSP CAI System
  • Optional Thrasher Supercharger Pulley Puller Tool for Rental or Purchase

Most of those companies/parts are no longer active (Thrasher, DHP, PRJ, SLP, MSP), but it's easy enough to do this level of upgrades for much less on a supercharged engine:
  • intake
  • PCM tune
  • s/c pulley
  • t-stat, belt, plug wires, etc. misc. items
  • shift kit
  • headers
  • exhaust
  • cam/valvetrain (biggest cost/gain)
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