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Just went to the track last night. Was a great racing night up here in New England.

Went to New England Dragway in Epping, NH.

Current mods on my car: 3.5" Pulley, Wizair CAI, INTENSE PCM, 180* TStat, and AL104's (I think thats all of em).

I was going into the night with a PB of 14.399.

MY best for the night was 14.407

MY cars best for the night was 14.293 (switched drivers).

I knew my car always had a little bit more potential then just a 14.399, but im a big guy so it was harder to hit. After getting that little guy in (Thanks Erick!!), it showed where my car really stands.

To sum it up:

PB for me in my car: 14.399
PB for my car: 14.293

Im hoping to hit 13s before the season is out, but im going to need some exhaust work done before i can hit em (or rockers, but those are expensive).

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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