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I headed out to Byron on Sunday to hopefully run 11's. I told my wife that I would get my 11 sec run or I would break trying! Well, I broke trying....

I got a total of 2 runs in before the incident. It was about 55 degrees, little to no wind. Here is a rundown of my best run out of the two, run was at 13psi.

RT - .194
60' - 1.912
330' - 5.151
1/8 - [email protected]
1/4 - [email protected]!

Something went wrong on the return road after that run though. I gave it a little gas after the turn around, and it started to miss badly. At first I thought it was another toasted plug wire, but after pulling the plugs the problem became obvious. The #5 plug was smashed! I guess at 13psi I ran out of fuel pump, and ran lean. My laptop battery went dead so I didn't take a log of the run. But the first run I went 12.1 and no kr, so I thought I would be ok if I turned up the boost a little. I guess I learned my lesson! Always scan, and always make sure that your fuel pump is up to snuff, especially when you're pushing 11's.

Time to rebuild and come back stronger next year!

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