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Just an intro. Ive got an aussie l67 3800 2000model vx4 door commodore made by gm holden. Its a rwd with a 4l60e with a ( non factory) 3.46 lsd. Mods incl yella terra snout, 82mm pulley, ported s.c. lim & heads. O/S manley valves, 135lb crow valve springs, yella terra 1.6:1 rockers, crow ls7 lifters, double row roller master timing chain & xpz hot cam Equivalent by mace engeering.
Ngk plugs, msd leads, msd ignition coils. CAI k&n pod & oil filters. Transgo stg 2 shift kit, vette servo.
Basicly the car is a pontiac 04-06 gto with 4 doors.
Future mods: pacemaker headers, walbro fuel pump, a2a intercooler, piston & rods.
If any1 wants to know about the australian l67/3800 ecotec dont hesitate. Im happy to help!
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