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G’day, I just joined up to this site which seems to be packed with great info. I own a 98 VTS commodore with an ecotec engine (L36 to you guys) with the getrag 5 spd manual transmission. My current mods are;

V2SQ Vortech supercharger @ 12psi boost
600x400x75 core front mount air to air tube and fin intercooler
Pacemaker Extractors 1-5/8" primaries, twin hi-flow 2.5" cats and a full twin 2.5" system
Haltech E6X Engine management System
Bosch motorsport 910 fuel pump
Bosch 500cc injectors
Cold Air Intake with K&N pod filter
Heavy Duty Clutch
Kaaz 3.9 LSD

My last dyno run with these mods showed to reading of 328.5rwhp and 1350lb of tractive effort on the standard L36 motor. Recently I have had a big engine failure at the drags resulting in piston 1 shattering into a 1000 pieces, and I have ordered these bits listed below from intense to build up my new motor.

PRC-801 - Diamond L67 Coated Piston/Rin/Ring Kit, 8.0:1,.010" oversized bore
CRA-L32 - L32 Con rods 6 off
ATI-869 - ATI Performance Damper
RTS-150 - Double chain timing set with sprocket
GMH-TDC - Timing Chain Dampener
RAK-460 - Intense 3rd generation full rocker arms 1.6:1 ratio adjustable
RIK-361- Intense rocker installation kit for L36
PRL-705 - Lightened High Performance pushrods
CAM-803 - Intense Nitrous / Blower 3800 camshaft
MVI-190 - Severe Duty Stainless steel intake valves
MVE-157 - Severe Duty Stainless steel exhaust valves
VLS-875 - Comp Cams "OE R Series" Hydraulic Roller Lifters
VSS-130 Comp Cams High load valve springs
VRS-772- Comp Cams titanium Valve spring retainers
VLS-623- Comp Cams high performance valve locks
HSK-671 - ARP Head stud kit
CRB-032 - ARP con rod kit
HSK-671- ARP main stud kit
CCB-670 - Cam Bearing set
CMB-670 - Main bearing set
CRB-67H - H Series Rod bearings set
HGP-054- Cometic MSL Head Gasket (0.052" thick)
OPK-671 - Intense oil pressure kit
TST-160 - 160 degree thermostat

I should be getting these parts anyday now and have many questions to ask regarding the engine build which I will ask in the appropriate sections. Just to give you guys an idea of what my car looks like here is a photo, excuse the quality it’s the best I have at the moment.

Regards Chris


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Hi Chris,

This site seems to be a wealth of good info :)

WOW...you certainly have an impressive list of parts. I have been wondering how you have been progressing with your order and if it's come through customs etc yet. How much was the freight do you know?

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Freight came to $466usd. Not sure on customs yet, I am expecting to get stung though. I thought I would have had the bits by now, but they cant be far away its been 2 weeks. It should be impressive though once all together and run in, I already have my 20psi pulley on stand by.

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Welcome to the site... glad you are enjoying the site. That is a great looking car you have there and impressive mod list! ;)
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