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New Jersey 3.8'ers?

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Yo, my names Jeff, im jsut seeing if theres anybody moving around in the New Jersey area, looking for some people to ride with, or even start a club.
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Chaos, you looking to start up something? what area of NJ you live in?
Northern jersey here :)
im in central jersey. near new brunswick, edison, etc.
Damn James, your all over the place.............LOL

What's up guys? I'm in northern jersey, Morris County. We'll all have to get together at Englishtown next season. I think there's a few others who might be interested as well. I'd like to get some advice on racing from everyone when I finally decide to run my car. :D
What's up everyone? I'm from SJ around mullica hilll. I currently have a 14.3 second 98 3.8 v6 camaro, and i'm only making it quicker until the day i buy myself a 6spd ws6. if anyone's in my area, hit me up or something and we'll meet up: AIM: ErockTheGeek , or see me on njfboa.org
Shoreguyoc said:
Damn James, your all over the place.............LOL


:D Yup
Try This


We have members in NJ, NY we race at Englishtown Dragway, ATCO, and Cecil mostly
im in central jersey, trenton to be exact :)
In Kansas right now, but will be back in Toms River in June
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