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I thought I would interduce myself, but I see alot of the same people from ClubGP. Those you know me from ClubGP would say I am like the mom that scolds people for being rude to each other, and always tries to see the positive in people. Even when I have been burned but cheating sellers I would be nice until someone was rude to me. I work on my car all by myself and I need these forums to help me know what is wrong. I can tear anything apart, but knowing what to tear apart is my weakness. I will offer my advise only when I have had experience with the subject, so you will rarly find garabge from me. I usaully do things a different way (girl way) and somebody will tell me I am wrong, but it has always worked my way, so to hell with those who want me to conform.

Enough for now, see you around
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