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New best... by a little bit

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60......1.706 <---WUSS!!!!!! but perfect traction
1/4.....12.168 <--- new best
mph.....108.83 <--- kinda weak for a 125 shot


All the info is off that link for specific track conditions and set up I had that day.

1997 pontiac firebird v6 auto
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you never did say what the DA was...

that 125 shot is awesome news... onward to 11s!
I heard the D/A was in the 2,000's but doubt it.

I did have a lot of local LS1 and LT1 buddies who were off by .2-.3 from PB's

I am confident once I have the guts to launch on the 125 shot those 11.9's are there :)
Congratulations James!
Way to Go James!!
I think I can sneak into the 11's before the end of the season :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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